A Weekend Winter Wonderland

Jan. 12th -15th


(Moin is a common greeting in Northern Deutschland)

Welcome to 31 Days in Deutschland: Weekend Edition! You may be asking yourself what the kids of Louisenlund do on the weekends for fun. Well the answer, much to my surprise, for a majority of the students is: go home. I was quite shocked when Friday afternoon rolled around and a mass exodus occurred, by dinner I was left with just five students on the Hof to keep me company. However, I soon learned that the different house parents take turns organizing weekend outings for the kids left at school, and to my delight, that included me as well.

Saturday meant an excursion to Kiel for some sightseeing and shopping. We meandered through the old part of the city and then down to the water where two large cruise ships were docked. With new fallen snow the city looked gorgeous.

Snowy park in Kiel

A newly snow covered park in Kiel

Kiel Hauptbahnhof

Kiel Hauptbahnhof

Shortly after we returned from Kiel, the five kids, the housemother, and I piled back into our huge red mega-van and drove to Schleswig to see Life of Pi (auf Deutsch, of course). For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend it (and that’s after only understanding ¾ of it)! One interesting thing about German Kinos, that differs from American movie theaters, is that when you buy your ticket for a movie you’re reserving a specific spot, and not just any seat in the theater that you can choose at your leisure. The only downfall I’ve noticed of this system is that if you buy your tickets late for a popular movie you can guarantee you’ll end up in the neck breaker seats, even if other seats are empty when you go into the theater.

On the road to Louisenlund

On the road to Louisenlund

Sunday started off with a snowstorm! Well, more like periodic moments of rather heavy snowfall that rarely lasted more than 10 minutes, but it was enough to cover the ground and make me feel like it’s actually January. And to help with the feeling of winter, we jumped in our mega-van and headed to Flensburg for some ice-skating! On the way there we took a couple of wrong turns and ended up in Denmark… (guess I can cross that off my list of things to do now), but we soon found our way back across the border and arrived at the rink for a couple of hours of great skating. It was fun watching and helping the kids who had never skated before, one asked me incredulously, “Do you actually do this on real lakes?” She seemed a bit astounded that anybody could find skating an enjoyable activity, especially with the imminent danger of a bruised backside if she fell.

A snowy Hof!

The Hof amidst a blizzard!

Iceskating in Flensburg

Iceskating in Flensburg

After a great weekend, which was highlighted by the fact that I could sleep past 6:45 AM, I was ready to get back to cultivating the minds of young English students, one conjugated verb at a time. Bis später!



2 thoughts on “A Weekend Winter Wonderland

  1. Movies cost about 8 euros (depending on where you go) so it’s quite similar to the US. I think the rink was only used for public skating, because there were no team benches or penalty boxes.

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